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Our Curriculum, An amalgamation of the best practices.

Learning transfers from one context to another more effectively when the learner understands not only the facts, but also the ‘big picture’- the underlying principles, patterns and relationships that is acquired through the application of knowledge.
The learner not only develops content, but also procedural knowledge, such as the meta-cognitive awareness of when and how to apply what is being learnt.

Core instructional material
  • Micro Schedule
  • Monthly Planner
  • Practicare
  • Jerry’s Booster pack
  • My file of facts
  • Teacher’s Handbook

E-champs: The Primary World of Fun for I to V Classes

The best primary schools in India, Aarti Memorial e-champs offers smart and exceptional quality education aiming to nurture higher order thinking skills through holistic development for children from ages 6 to 12. Established in 2006 it is the primary-school wing of Aarti Memorial Group of Schools with numerous students enrolled in the CBSE curriculum in branches across the country. In guiding young minds to tread the path of curiosity, psychosocial , motor and communication skills in your child. It helps them secure strong Metacognition which we believe, channels their impulse towards awaiting adolescence effectively for university and global success, e-champs sets a platform for young learners to blossom with flying colors in chosen areas of excellence with respect to the global community.
Development, seeking to create innovators of the future. Established in 2008, with 208 branches in the country, the institution offers quality education to over one lakh students enrolled from standard VI to X. This encourages us to constantly evolve impeccable educational training by imparting creative thinking and communication skills in a stress-free learning environment, among aspiring engineers and medical professionals of the contemporary world. With special emphasis on good performance and selection in competitive examinations at State, National and International level, Aarti Memorial e-TECHNO Schools believe in pioneering new trends in the areas of technology, innovation and research. The amicable ambience and use of audio visual media supports an objective approach towards concept-oriented thinking in our students, counseled and guided regularly by our dedicated faculty. The mutually significant trio of subject knowledge, conceptual skills and personal competencies are given utmost priority, in creating global leaders of tomorrow.
Our faculty takes the time to list out different kinds of errors students make in their tests. An hour is dedicated for them to identify where they had gone wrong and practice the right methods to rectify them. Depending upon the nature of error, we compose questions of increasing levels around the same. Further counseling and training is provided in case of any ambiguity. This will not just effectively stop the error from recurring but will also make the entire error category dormant.
Our journey towards innovation and universality is incessant. In pursuing it, the Olympiad programme insists on e-projects where the use of computers compliments regular education to a new high. Students are assigned these projects wherein the purpose of research and presentation is driven by topics of personal interest. They help in inculcating scientific temper and zeal for constant learning while developing team spirit and co-ordination at work.

Lifeskills Development Programme

From the standpoint of inculcating value education, communication and entrepreneurial skills are deliberated upon effectively. Customized communication guidance, laboratory-based English training, leadership inspiration, yoga, meditation and many more soft skills are imbibed into students, alongside explaining their significance in a competitive world.